Software dongle key not working with parallel port


Applies to the Following Products:

- CyberParallel Dual PCIe (JJ-E02011-S1)

- Cyber 1S1P PCIe (JJ-E00011-S3)

- Cyber 2S1P PCIe (JJ-P21211-S1)

- Cyber 2S1P 950 PCI (JJ-P21012-S7)

- CyberParallel PCI (JJ-P00112-S6)

- Cyber I/O PCI (JJ-P11012-S6)

- CyberParallel ExpressCard (JJ-EC0092-S1)

- DP 1-Port ECP/EPP Parallel PCIe (JJ-E01211-S1)

- DP CyberParallel PCIe (JJ-E01011-S1)

- DP 1-Port ECP/EPP Parallel PCI (JJ-P01411-S1)

- DP CyberParallel Dual (JJ-P00212-S6)

- Dual Profile PCI-1P (JJ-P01211-S6)

- Low Profile PCI-1P (LP-P01011-S6)

- Low Profile PCI-1S1P (LP-P11011-S6)

- 2S1P Combo-Value (JJ-P21111-S5)

- Dual Profile PCI-2P (JJ-P11012-S6)

- 1S1P Mini PCIe with 16950 UART (JJ-E1011-S1)




My software dongle key is not recognized by your parallel port adapter. 




Unfortunately, our  parallel products are not compatible with the software dongle key. Dongle key requires a legacy address to work.  Our parallel products use a virtual address instead of a legacy address.



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