No video signal when two or more monitors/TVs are connected.



Applies to the Following Products:

- 1x4 HDMI Splitter with 3D and 4Kx2K (CE-H21511-S1)




No video signal when two or more monitor/TV are connected.  No problem when only one monitor is connected.




Updating the Splitter's firmware will fix this issue.


Please click link below to download new firmware and follow the steps below to update the firmware.


1. Extract the file then copy BIN file to your thumb drive and put in on the root. (Note: Please don't change the file name.)


2. Power off the Splitter, then insert your thumb drive to the HDMI Splitter's "Update" usb port.  (Don't connect the power adapter until instructed to do so.) 


3. Connect the power adapter to HDMI splitter then wait around 1 to 2 min for the firmware update process to complete.  (If your thumb drive has LED then wait until it stops flashing.)


4. After the firmware update completes, remove the thumb drive and power cycle the HDMI splitter.


5. Make sure you always connect the lowest resolution monitor/TV to the HDMI Splitter's HDMI output port1.




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