No image showing on the display(s) connected to the Dual-Link DVI Splitter


Applies to the following product:

- 1 x 4 Dual-Link DVI Splitter (CE-D20511-S1)

- 1 x 9 Dual-Link DVI Splitter (CE-D20611-S1)




The EDID of the display with the lowest resolution should be learned by the splitter.


1. Power off the splitter.  Disconnect all displays from the splitter.

2. Connect the display with the lowest resolution to the splitter’s DVI Output #3.  (Only DVI Output #3 is used to learn EDID)

3. Adjust the DIP switch to EDID Learning Mode (ON, ON).  (See DIP switch table in the attachment)

4. Power on the display, then power on the splitter.

5. The LED will blink indicating EDID learning is in progress.

6. After the EDID learning is done, the LED will stop blinking.

7. EDID learning is complete.

8. To save the EDID learning, set the DIP switch to Reserved mode (On, Off)

9. Connect all displays to the splitter.





When using different brand displays, the EDID of the lesser display must be read into the splitter for maximum compatibility.



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