iPad/Tablet Accessories

Can I purchase a replacement ink cartridge for the Wake Stylus + Pen?

  Applies to the Following Products: - WakeStylus +Pen - White (AC-PD0512-S1) - Wake Stylus + Pen - Black (AC-PD0412-S1)     Solution: Yes. The part number is AC-PD0611-S1.  Go to the link below to purchase a replacement ink cartridge.   http://www.siig.com/it-products/ipad-tablet-accessories/stylus/ink-refill-for-wakestylus-pen.html        

Color of the LED when charging your Galaxy Tablet

  Applies to the Following Product: - 4-in-1 Connectivity Adapter for Galaxy Tablets (CE-SD0012-S1)     Description: When I charge my Galaxy Tablet, is the LED suppose to turn blue color?     Solution: The LED is designed to change to blue color when charging the Galaxy Tablet.