Configuring the RS232 to Bluetooth Converter


Applies to the Following Product:

- RS232 to Bluetooth Converter (ID-SB0011-S1)




1. Plug the power adapter into the Bluetooth Converter and connect to COM 1 (any COM port is ok).
2. Run the BT1 program (BT RS232 Config Tool V 1.00) from the included CD.
3. Click the connect button of the BT RS232 Config Tool and press the button of the Bluetooth Converter to enter set up mode.
4. When the read button turns to black, setup mode is enabled.
5. Click the read button of the BT Config Tool to view default parameters of the Bluetooth Converter.
6. Change the parameters to match your hardware application then click the write button to save the change to the Bluetooth Converter.
7. Power off the Bluetooth Converter, close the BT Tool program and then power on the Bluetooth Converter again. If pairing is successful, the green LED will remain on.
8. If the Bluetooth Converter can not pair, try steps 1-7 again.




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