SuperSpeed USB 3.0

Welcome to SIIG’s SuperSpeed USB 3.0 generation, where ultra-fast data transfer rates of up to 5Gb/s is your ticket to the latest USB connectivity expansion. We design and bring to market a wide variety of USB 3.0 connectivity products delivering data transmission rates of up to 10x faster than Hi-Speed USB 2.0, offering full backward compatibility with USB 2.0 and 1.1 devices and providing the most cost-effective solutions to fulfill your computing needs.

Our SuperSpeed USB 3.0 adapters in PCIe, PCI, and ExpressCard interfaces are the most cost-effective solutions allowing you to upgrade your existing computer with the latest and fastest generation of SuperSpeed USB 3.0 technology and ensuring SuperSpeed data transfers.

We also offer SuperSpeed USB 3.0 multi-port hubs for connecting and operating multiple high-bandwidth demanding USB 3.0 peripherals such as high-resolution webcams, digital video cameras, and multi-channel audio devices simultaneously.

Our SuperSpeed USB 3.0 enclosures and hard disk drive docking products are excellent mobile storage solutions giving you a super-fast and convenient way to access, transfer and back up large volumes of data between your external storage device and your computer.

Check out our SuperSpeed USB 3.0 Cables, USB 3.0 Extenders and USB 3.0 Repeaters designed to help you solve USB’s 15ft. cable distance limitation while maintaining high quality signal transmission and integrity. We also have a wide range of SuperSpeed USB 3.0 converters, gender changer adapters and many other smart tools that make it easy for you to resolve various problems due to mismatched device connections or applications between devices. Choosing SuperSpeed USB 3.0 products from SIIG is the smart choice to improve, enhance, and satisfy your computing experience.

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