Digital Signage Solutions

SIIG is committed to offering you a wide variety of audio/visual connectivity products including extenders, splitters, converters, adapters, and cables. Whether you are designing a digital signage network for a corporate client, or installing your first 5.1 surround sound home theater, SIIG carries a complete selection of digital and analog connectivity products for both commercial and residential environments.

We have a comprehensive selection of extenders supporting a wide range of Audio/Video industry standards including YPbPr/Composite CAT5e extender, HDMI extender, DVI extender, and multi-port VGA extender. Our family of extenders are the cost-effective solutions designed to extend audio/video signals at the highest quality efficiently and reliably over greater distances.

You can also count on our Video Splitters including the high performance 1x6 SDI Splitter, DVI splitters, multi-port VGA splitters, and HDMI over CAT5e splitters. The 2x4 HDMI 1.4 over CAT5e Distribution Amplifier, our most cost-effective and advanced HDMI splitter on the market is an excellent tool for broadcasting high definition video and high quality audio to multiple displays while maintaining the highest signal strength and superior picture quality in all applications. Check out our HDMI/DVI to YPbPr/VGA & Audio Converter - the simple and affordable converter enabling you to convert digital HDMI/DVI sources to component video (YPbPr)/analog PC video (VGA) display, or the VGA/YPbPr & Audio to HDMI Converter designed to bridge the connection between VGA-or component-enabled sources to HDMI display devices.

All of our converters support High Definition resolutions with wide bandwidth providing the easiest and most efficient solution to make high definition video and audio more affordable and accessible.

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